Fair Ten LEEDerS Debate

fair 10 LEEDersWhen: Wednesday 29 April – 6.10pm to 8.30pm

Where: Oxford Place Methodist Church & Centre, Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3AX

What: Whether or not you’re into party politics, the general election is a rare chance when people will be more open to discussing the kind of future we want for the city and the world. It allows us the opportunity to raise issues that we are passionate about and influence the agenda of the future.

Leeds for Change members have crafted and voted upon ten of what we feel are some of the most important issues currently facing our society. Over the next few weeks, with your help, we will be pressing parliamentary candidates in Leeds to answer these questions directly, giving us an idea of where they stand on changing the world. To find out more about the questions and how you can press candidates, visit our Fair Ten Challenge page on Leeds for Change.

The Fair Ten LEEDerS Debate will be the culmination of this campaign. We will be inviting one candidate from each party to sit on a panel, tell us in their own words their stance on these questions, and then inviting you to question them on their answers. How will they achieve what they say? Why do they not agree? How will they pursue an agenda in the future?

This promises to be an engaging debate on some contentious issues, so whether you’re undecided, want to reaffirm your voting choice, or are seeking some clarity on these issues, we look forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to register for your free ticket on Eventbrite!


See facebook event also: https://www.facebook.com/events/1567724496823144/

The Plan:

6.10: Arrive, register and vote for the questions you’d most like to hear answered. We unfortunately don’t have time for all ten, so if you want to hear a particular question, make sure you get here early!

6.30: Prompt start – welcome and introductions

6.40: Start questions. Candidates will have one minutes to respond to the question and then we’ll have a couple of questions from the floor for candidates to answer.

Ask the five top Fair Ten questions.

8.20: Wrap up

8.30: Finish


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