Leeds Sustainability Audit Training – Places still available!


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As mentioned in previous meetings, Leeds FOE members David Fanaroff and James Currie are currently working with Leeds University Union’s (LUU) Green Exchange on a Sustainability Audit Project in Leeds. (for more info on the Green Exchange, see P.S. below)

The plan is for student auditors to visit approx. 20 small, independent businesses (mainly cafes/community centres/bars) in Leeds and conduct an audit of 7 key areas: energy; waste; water; transport; suppliers and buying; environmental and sustainability commitments; and biodiversity.

These audits will take place from the end of March to May, at a mutually convenient time for businesses and auditors. Audits will be conducted by a pair of auditors. Each pair of auditors will audit approx. 2 businesses.

Once the audit data is collected, recommendations will be provided to the organisations for how they can improve their sustainability.

Auditors have been recruited from the student body. However we have been informed that we need to recruit a few more auditors in order to reach our target. Therefore we suggested contacting members of Leeds FOE to see if you would like to get involved!

Training for the auditors is taking place in-house in Leeds University Union on Tuesday 24th March, 5pm-7pm. The training is being run by one of the LUU Green Exchange staff, Anna. David and I will be attending the training.

Please send an email (leedsfoegroup@gmail.com) if you are interested in getting involved (i.e. attending the training and being an auditor for this project) or would like more information.

Best wishes,


Communications Coordinator
Leeds Friends of the Earth

P.S. The Green Exchange is an exciting sustainability project based right in the centre of Leeds, dedicated to helping you achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. We’re looked after by Leeds University Union, but work in close collaboration with our partners at other Leeds-based universities and unions. We’re using £250,000 from the NUS Green Fund to show how sustainability isn’t just about the big things like international development or environmental conservation: it’s about your life right here at home too. You can find out more about us by visiting http://www.thegreenexchange.co.uk/.

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